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Report on College Cultural Festival

My First Flea



-Zeenat Naaz

24 Feb’2019

An Cultural Fest is a time when the entire team of Satyawati comprising of students,staff members come together and contribute their best to the great endeavor to bring out the extra ordinary talent in participants from all over the colleges of Delhi University

Every year each college of Delhi University organizes an Cultural Fest for freshers.

And I personally felt an amazing surprise after our late night hard work of scoring good in externals.

On 24 Feb’2019, Our College also had organised the Picpathy Fest. Which happens every year at Satya Audi and provides a big platform to the talented students of Delhi University.. This platform gives chance to every young talent from Short Film Making competition To Story Writing Competition, to show case their talent and also cherry on the cake is that it also allows students to earn from their talent.
even When I came to about this opportunity I just grabbed it and decided to putting up my first stall of Zee DIY Handmade stuff ever. where I sold my hand made girlie accessories. And earned handsome cash. This fest not only made me able to earn money also gave me inspiration to do more,

I am not saying that money gave me the Inspiration but My First Step!!

There I got so much appreciation about my work then I started working More on it.

I dont believe in Appreciation BUT I do believe in Mentally Satisfaction

I had a great day at Picpathy Fest!!
Apart from this our college had invited reputed Delhi Band in the eve The way We been lazy the band pushed us to shake a leg in!!
I had a great Day Hope You guys enjoyed the Picpathy’19

Glimpse of Fest

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