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Staying In is the new Going Out!!

Staying In is the new Going Out!!

Lets make Corona Virus an excuse to stay home engaged with your family( where no door bell gonna disturb your family time)

In the world full of busy heads Now its time to enjoy homecation with your mains.


Just Sit by your window side,

Read books Snuggling in your blanket(where no one judging you) ,Sip up a cup of freshly brewed Coffee without worrying about having to meet any one, Meet any deadline or rush to any meeting or lectures.

If you don’t have an unusual amount of interest staying at home, here I have dropped few to hit

This is the right time to say peek a boo to your unfinished books lying back in dark shelf since long

Being Couch Potato you can jot down your thoughts running in your mind, Plan things to do later better.

Its a good time to collect your childhood photographs.

You might find some in your boxes, books, drawers, wardrobe,wallets and more.

You can share and ask your parents behind the camera story of your photographs and create a journal pasting them with date, place and a short note.

Self isolation is a good time to come out from all your urgent or important work you would have to submit on the very next day

You can cut your urgent works and hop to new things to do.

You can go for Planting, You may use them to take care of your skin (Aloe can help treat acne tan and dry skin)

While Social Distancing you can connect with your nearest and dearest through Online games. Play or make Group face time. 


During COVID19, Let no person come between you and your food. Yes, You got it right. Cook your food, Learn new dishes and enjoy Ghar Ka Khana without waiting for your order.

Serve your new dish to your mom and Make her feel happy 

Spend some quality of time with your homies. 

Share your personals or teach or learn from them at home (Dont Forget to  be prepared as Exam time is around the corner)

Try and create new Art. You may found your new hobby .

Most important!! Dont forget to perform Namaz and Tilawat e Quran. And make dua…


May Allah (SWT) have mercy upon us.



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