How to Wire a Wall Lamp With a Switch

How to Wire a Wall Lamp With a Switch

When you need to add a new lighting point, such as a wall lamp, it’s important to wire it correctly. This project will show you how to do this, so that you can avoid expensive mistakes and comply with Electrical Regulations.

Plan the route

The first step is to cut out channels in the wall for the power, switch and light cables to run through. This can be done with a hammer and chisel or a round dry-lining box in a stud wall. Then, feed the cables through the channels. If you’re not sure how to do this, call a licensed electrician and have them do it for you.

Fit the box

Next, you’ll need a mounting box. This is a small box with terminals on the front that fits over a light fitting and allows it to be screwed into the wall. You can get these in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of the light you’re installing. You can also buy these in a flat pack kit that includes the box and all the required screws.

Connect the cable to the box

Once you’ve mounted the box, you need to hook up the spur cable from your new power supply to the terminals in the box. You can use a piece of cable clip to help hold the cable in place.

Connect the cores to the terminals on one side of a connector block

The live (brown) and neutral (blue) cores should each be connected to a terminal; the earth core is connected to the central terminal, and the flex tails should go to the terminals on the opposite side. You may need to cut out a channel in the wall for this to run through, so be careful and mark the channel carefully.

Wire the switch to the light fixture

The wiring to a wall light is relatively simple. However, it’s best to use the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you don’t run into any problems with the switch.

Before you start, make sure that the wall is insulated. This will prevent any tripping hazards if the wires are accidentally shorted together. You can cover the exposed ends with a tape, but if you don’t have any, be sure to use needle-nose pliers to pull the ends through to protect them from fire.

Fix the wiring to the switch

You need a light switch that accepts both black and white wires, plus the ground green wire, which is often in a jacket. Some switches are equipped with pigtails that can be bent to make connection easier, and some have sockets to push the wires straight into place without needing a screwdriver. You can also purchase a single-pole switch with a jumper tab that makes it easier to connect the hot wires.

Install the light fixture

When you’ve completed the installation of your new switch, it’s time to connect the light fitting to the box. You’ll need a double-insulated fitting or one with an earth core.

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